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boat called radar in the water
Happenings at Kermandie

Radar Charter Ferry at Kermandie

In February 2023, Radar took up residency at Kermandie, in the Port Huon Marina. Built…
June 22, 2023
Kermandie hotel and Lodge. Image of large building with a number of smaller buildings cascading up a slope. Forest and mountains behind.
Happenings at Kermandie

Kermandie segment on ‘Eat Play & Stay’

Kermandie hosted the crew from 'Eat Play & Stay' at the end of April.   …
May 31, 2023
Chef David on some steps at the front of the Kermandie building in Port Huon
Happenings at Kermandie

Introducing the culinary mastermind of Kermandie: David Nethery

Prepare your taste buds for an extraordinary experience as we unveil the genius behind Kermandie's…
May 29, 2023
Local Activities and Events

Ronald McDonald House Charity Geeveston Golf Club – sponsored by Kermandie

The Geeveston Golf Club is set in amongst green rolling hills with the most superb…
May 16, 2023
Seaplane on the Huon River. Mountains in the distance, blue sky with clouds
Happenings at Kermandie

Seaplane at Kermandie – ‘Journey to the Huon’

Imagine seeing the sights of Bruny Island and the Huon Valley all on a De…
May 11, 2023
Happenings at Kermandie

Easter at Kermandie

This Easter, Kermandie are getting ready to roll out the welcome carpet and greet you…
March 30, 2023