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Prepare your taste buds for an extraordinary experience as we unveil the genius behind Kermandie’s gastronomic wonders.

Say hello to Executive Chef Dave, who set foot at the Kermandie just a few months ago.

With a career spanning many moons, Chef Dave’s culinary journey began as an apprentice with the legendary Peter Doyle, one of Sydney’s original three hatted Chefs, at the renowned Cicada in 1994.

Since then, he has graced the kitchens of esteemed establishments across Sydney and Canberra, leaving his indelible mark on each culinary canvas he touched. From the luxurious Ritz Carlton in Sydney to the enchanting Opera Bar nestled in the iconic Sydney Opera House’s forecourt, and even in the realm of Michael Chatto, sibling to local winemaking maestro Jim Chatto, at the illustrious Art Espresso in Canberra.

But before finding his way to us last October, Dave played an instrumental role as the visionary Chef behind the sensational success of the Salty Dog in Kingston.

Dave’s culinary delights are born from a deep-seated love for slow-cooked, tantalising braises that leave you craving for more. Inspired by his mother’s cherished Eastern European recipes and the joyous gatherings around the table, where family and friends relished in delectable meals, Dave’s passion for food became ingrained in his very being. Among his arsenal of flavours, Fresh Herbs hold a special place in his heart. No matter the variety, what matters is the harmonious dance between herb and dish.

Dave resides in the scenic landscapes of southern Tasmania, where he finds solace and inspiration alongside his partner, Em, and their teenage daughter, ‘Meika.

Anticipating the arrival of Dark Mofo and the vibrant celebration of Paint the Town Red, Dave has embarked on a tantalizing endeavour. He is curating a ‘red’ specials menu that will be available for both lunch and dinner throughout the month of June.


For the month of June come and experience our Paint the Town Red Specials Menu, carefully curated by our very own creative mastermind, Executive Chef Dave Nethery.
Meet up with friends as we light up the cold, darker days of winter in Southern Tasmania.
Available for Lunch or Dinner, every day of June.

💻 Book online at:

☎ Contact us on 03 6297 1052

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